Friday, August 04, 2006

Day 2: DH helps to bring a new little houso into the world

DH put her money worries to one side today for one of the peak experiences that life has to offer. She was incredibly honoured to be asked to assist at the birth of one of her friends' children.

Although she is utterly overwhelmed, blissed out, high on oxytocin, fatigued, and in love with the new bub, DH cannot resist drawing a lesson from this awesome event.

The newborn is half Irish-Australian, half Polynesian-Australian.

The Godmothers are Aboriginal-Australian and Jewish-Australian.

The Doctors in the delivery room were by the looks of them, Anglo-Australian, Japanese-Australian, and Chinese-Australian.

The Theatre nurses and Midwives were English-Australian, Anglo-Australian, Of-Middle-Eastern-Appearance-Australian, and Indian-Australian.

And just to round off the atmosphere of ethnic and religious harmony, DH spent a long time in the waiting room overcoming her tendancy to xenophobia in conversation with a nice young Muslim-Australian waiting to operated on after an industrial accident.

All this mixed multitude is the "real" Australia, living and working together in harmony.

Now why can't it always be like this?

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