Sunday, August 20, 2006

Sinatra's secret love children bludging off public housing?

What the! has Sinatra's secret love child got to do with public.housing???
SFA. But apparently the Sydney Morning Herald, our nations' top broadsheet (Melbourne doesn't count), saw fit to make this crapola the lead feature of its Saturday edition, splashing the story in giant type across its front page banner, while the national crisis in housing affordability didnt even rate, with Battlers in Bulldozers being buried unsung in News Review.
What IS GOING ON with the Herald??? Why is it pandering to the Lumpen-middle-classes? Why don't the people who are attracted to the this trash get a life???
Anyhow, DH wants to get in on the act. She will be monitoring sitemeter closesly to see if her new editorial approach will increase her rating.

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