Saturday, August 19, 2006

A few corrections for SMH readers

DH spent about an hour talking to Debra Jopson, and is very happy about the report
Just a few things were misunderstood, probably lost among the verbiage due to DH's fondness for extended qvetching.

  1. DH is not personally threatened at this stage with expulsion from public housing due to "high" income, as she is not on a fixed term lease, having been a tenant before 2005.

  2. She did not sit on her bum being unemployed for 8 years straight. Her unemployment is intermittent, 8 of her 18 years as a sole parent. This is a result of: the insecurities of contract work; lack of affordable child care; and the added pressures of raising a child with a disability.

    While right-wing governments would love to force all workers onto contract, social security systems which require predictability and simple rules, cannot cope.

    This is why DH went through the hell of being hauled before the Rent Tribunal (see earlier months of this blog) and why she is constantly paying money back to Centrelink for reasons that are beyond even her advanced Excel skills.

  3. DH did not end up earning $46,000 this year, as her circumstances changed since talking to the Herald. She only started work mid-financial year. The spreadsheet below reports the actual situation (with $87 a week left after fixed expenses). At the time she spoke to Debra her spreadsheet was based on her full-time wage, but as the carer of a demanding teenager with a disability, she had to give up full-time work. Thanks to this, she was spared this year from having to pay HECS and Austudy.

    D'oH calculates rent on Gross income before HECS/Austudy comes off, thus creating a disincentive to education as well as work.

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Anonymous said...


I read the SMH article today regarding the three social situations for Public Housing, unlike most people of conservative ideology and would prefer to sweep it under the rug.

It is important that these things are known by the taxpayer. I wonder how many people actually read them though as opposed to a 'hey we solved jon benet's murder case'. Hmm sensationalism...

So much more needs to be done, to make the needs of people such as yourself done. We need a shift in government, then in such things such as 'Kafkalink'. The people who make the decisions for the public, in this contemporary society have no regard for each and every personal situation, but rather pigeonholing people instead, or compltely ignoring their existence. How can someone climbt he social ladder to economic success in a world that scrimps and scrounges more and more from the people who need them most?

When John Howard came into power in 1996, my father due to Howard's university budget cuts was made redundant. Were it not for redundancy payment we would have had to sell our house instead of paying off the entire mortgage. I suppose this is why we're able to be slightly better off during the period my father was on newstart allowance whilst looking for employment. Currently he's off the allowance and works from home... of course having to complete a Diploma in computing in the process. My mother although she has a Science Degree wtih Honors is unable to find work in such a field and thus does a heck of a lot of volunteering or when required, public servanting (census etc)

It worries me, as someone who will be a HECS student in university next year, the state of the Australia we live in. Will I be forced to stay with my parents for all eternity for hte sake of a lack of decently priced private rent?

Currently i'm deciding my UAC options. It looks like a Sydney University is completely out of the question, due to the accomodation spiralling out of control.

I turn 18 next month. Rest assured in next years election, there will be no votes for the 'Liberal' party (what a joke...damn conservatives) from me.

I wish you all the best DH, you're a true battler in this 'free world'. Heh.