Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Scabs of Hillsong

The established churches won't touch the repellent and unChristian policies of the Howard Government.
But you can trust Hillsong!  They're at it again! Willing to go wherever there is a buck to be made.
Of the $1776 (8 weeks Newstart) the Howard government will rip out of some poor unemployed single parent for microscopic breaches of the new "Welfare to the Workhouse" "reforms", $650 will go to Hillsong.
What for?
To help the self-same wretch claim back their $1776 so that they can feed their kids.
And that's not all, Hillsong will get a "counselling fee", no doubt well spent on counselling the poor on how to live without food for 8 weeks. Praise the Lord and pass the Bread and Water Ration.
Note to Hillsong:
Christians are meant to touch the scabs of the poor,
not be the scabs!

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Colin said...

And the two way support will continue if Costello succeeds JWH. Remember the footage of him on-stage with Hillsong?