Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Hope for Housos in Balmain pre-selection

DH has had an opportunity to hear Verity Firth and Alice Murphy, the two candidates for pre-selection for the new State seat of Balmain talk about their commitment to public housing, Both are obviously passionate about the crucial role of public housing in retaining the social mix of the city. Both have the energy and intellect to think creatively about the challenges of housing policy:  Howard and Co crippling the States funding for public housing;  the dangers of ghettoisation within estates, the need to get developers to take responsibility for housing.
Now DH's poor brain goes into overload on the intricacies of policy and high finance, and she gets bored with the many motherhood statements that are the necessary evils of candidacy. But what she reckons we should be looking for in a candidate is someone who is naturally altruistic, passionate and warm-hearted, smart and quick on their feet,  flexible, able to listen, learn and bend to reason, has a track record of achievements, can reliably deliver on their commitments, and etc etc.
Both Verity and Alice have these qualities in spades, and DH can't resist adding that when it comes to mixing IQ and EQ, doesnt it just take a woman!
Whichever one wins, and selectors will have a hard time deciding between Bib and Bub, (both proud mothers of heart-meltingly adorable new babies), housos in the area will have an effective champion. They'll need one against the likes of the horrid Tweedle chums, Cherie Burton and Joe Tripodi.
And how good was it to open today's SMH and see Debra Jopson and co nail the ever-malodourous Tripodi (whose sole public statement as housing minister was to heartlessly threaten to deprive us Housos of our hard won BMWs!)

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