Thursday, August 10, 2006

Decisions, Decisions! Pacific Island Cruise, Newstart vs Carer's Payment: which would you choose?

Yeah right. That's what DH chooses too. But as she doesnt even have the bus fare to Manly, she'll take one of the latter two.

The dilemma.: Should DH apply for Newstart now and go through the indignities of the dole diary, plus a possible 3 week period without payment while DH's pitiful holiday pay (about $850 net) peters out, or should she go for Carer's payment, which pays more, won't harass her as much, and is non-taxable, but risk another 12 week* wait with only $82 a fortnight income the whole time which is what happened last August when her previous job ended. Not to mention having to haul her daughter before the expensive medical specialist who knows her case (2 month waiting list) (and who chooses not to bulk bill).

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