Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Kafkalink limbo. A tale of bureaucracy gone mad in Howard's bold new Australia

Weren't the Liberals supposed to stand against centralised control, the intrusion of the state in private life, and governmental red tape?

Such is ever the way with what Jung called "the shadow", the unconscious mind that acts in opposition to our conscious self-image. Thus it is that over time, Liberal and Labour may find themselves trading ideological places.

For now, Howard and Co, with their talk of a "relaxed and comfortable" Australia, have turned Centrelink into a bureaucratic monster.

Consider the good old days

You showed up at Centrelink with your documentation, grumbled in a queue for 10 minutes, had your details entered, were issued with an interim pension card so you cd at least afford a bus fare to look for work, and you went home. While you were sleeping, Centrelink did a background check, and your notice arrived in the mail with your payment details. END OF STORY

Consider Kafkalink

  1. Ring up. Are read an interminable list of disclaimers and rights (which every Australian citizen used to be able to take for granted). Your details are noted. A flurry of letters result, including "Confirmation of your intention to claim" and "Preliminary Claim for Newstart."
  2. This phone interview, however, is merely an interview to make an appointment for a 2nd phone interview. !!! But alas! Phone interviewers are booked out for another 10 days,.
  3. Mind you, the 2nd phone interview will not be your intake either. It is merely an interview to make an appointment for a 3rd interview :-) !!!
So for now, DH is in limbo between 2 phone calls that will decide her fate.
In the meantime, how is she to afford the busfare to look for work , or her medications?*

Fortunately, her backpay has finally arrived, so she personally will be able to limp along, but what about all the other poor buggers who are in the private rental market with no income?

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