Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Scary scenario: If DH was in the private market rental

Good news! DH's market rent has been reassessed at $25 less this year than last.

That's $370 per week for a small two bedroom townhouse in the Inner West of Sydney.

That's a fair rent relative to the current climate of crisis in housing affordability.

But it also shows how terrifying the situation is for normal low income renters. DH's contract with her current employer ends this week. She's about to join the ranks of the unemployed.

Now DH loves a good horror movie, so just to get the chills running up and down her spine, she did a few sums, to put herself in the shoes of her unfortunate fellow Aussies, low income earners who do not have a hope in hell of getting into public housing.

Newstart is set at $410 a fortnight, rent assistance about S100, and her daughter's Disability Pension at $320 per fortnight.

If DH was in the private rent market in her area, heres how it would look

Household income pw $415
Rent per week $370
Leaving $35 per week for food, utilities, fares ....

Now that's what DH calls a disincentive to leave public housing!

You poor buggers renting privately in John Howard's Brave New Australia!

You say you voted for who?????

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