Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Day 6. DH's termination pay not in account. Dire consequences predicted...

With only $35 left in her account, DH has been hanging out desperately for her final pay.

To her shock, it wasnt in her account this morning.

Ringing her company's accountant, she was informed that, being a termination payment, she was getting a cheque in lieu of the usual direct depost.

DH is very upset because her direct debit to HCF (health insurance) will now bounce, incurring a $35 bank fee. Plus her medications ran out a couple of days ago and she can't afford to replace them. This will mean a great deal of discomfort, though she expects to live...

She does not like to borrow from friends. It's the same old story, the ones who are generous are also poor. The ones who have money have psychic barriers that DH can't hope to scale. She finds it all very humiliating.

WIth only $30 in her account, plus about $70 left of her daughter's disability pension ($330 a fortnight) its going to be a tough week!

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